Aug 05, 2014

THANK YOU! & Unofficial Results!

Thank you to all our wonderful volunteers that worked so hard over the past five months! 

With special thanks to my campaign manager, Rosanne Ponkowski, whose out of the box ideas, insight, faith, and energy kept us hopping and focused.

Rob Smiley, a one man campaign team all in himself! He volunteered to help with the website and became our go to guy for so many things, from I.T. to photography to proofing to graphics to borrowing his kids for ads.

Gerry Clixby, who made sure we had the highest signs and permission for some of the best locations! Note- they survived the quasi tornado! 

Liz and Karl Herbst, who jumped into the political fray and managed our Meet and Greets, helped with the Absentee Voter lists, and held our launch party.

Peggy Miller, who helped at headquarters with the tedium of paperwork.

David and Linda Connolly, who got us started with their photography and graphic artist skills.

And my Wavin with O'Hagan banner warriors: D Shimskey, Susan Helke, Thomas May, Pat Thomas, Diane Bernier, Mike and Christine Mack, Ed Barbone, and my parents, Ralph and Pat Barisano! Always enjoyed the conversation, coffee, and  the sunrise with you guys! Not to mention all those folks waving back as they drove, ate, talked on the phone,...

Jaimie Omera Tuck who sang patriotic songs at the Patriot Picnic. What a voice!

Kelly O'Hagan who helped with so much of our on the spot, needed it yesterday, graphic design requests.

Matt Dame who came through with videos for our you-tube/website in spite of a 'stiff' candidate in front of the camera.

My 'Lackeys', as they liked to call themselves, my husband and son, Matt and Matt. 

And to the many volunteers who addressed mail pieces, put out signs, made last minute get out the vote phone calls, and fielded questions from neighbors.

Carole Maddux, who came out of political 'retirement' to help with the walkers training.

And to all the walkers, who took the time to get lists and knock on doors.

And to all the poll workers/sitters that put a face to the candidate at the polls.

Special thanks to Marian and Tim Sheridan, Patty and Ron Blackmer, Jim and Lisa VanWyk, Kathy Chestnut, Thomas May, Rob Smiley, Marge Mancuso, Matt Dutton. And so many others who stepped up and helped out.

Chaldean Post for providing a video spot of the GWBR 'great debate'.

Susan and Mark Kerney for help with displays.

Thank you to all the hosts of our Meet and Greets and for reaching out to family and friends on our behalf.

Thank you to all the spouses for their support of their spouses efforts.

Thank you to all who worked outside of the campaign on activities I'm still learning about. Thanks for keeping your efforts to the issues and it sounds like you had fun in the process.

Thank you to the donors whose funding made this campaign possible. 

Thank you to the voters who took the time to educate themselves on the truth and the issues!

Thank you to all those prayer warriors out there, from porches to emails, from texts to online. God's grace was with us and gave us the strength and fortitude to carry on!

Thank you to Thayrone X of WAAM, who isn't afraid to educate listeners on the truth and the motives of current events and political shenanigans.

We will take the time to recharge and regroup. Our work is far from over and our network is definitely stronger!

THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart! Please stay in touch!


PS- Here are the unofficial results and a final comment:

Considering the incumbent ran a smear campaign against me in the final days of the campaign by calling me a 'liar' and 'deceitful deb' in mailers, ads, and robo calls without any facts to back it up when in fact he lied about many of his positions and actions; along with lame election complaints made by the incumbent only to be used in his campaign lit saying I was being investigated for criminal charges related to my campaign;  on top of the incumbency protectors, NRA and RTL, sending out sets of gotv cards for their endorsed candidates just before the election, as if they actually gave the challengers a chance; and reports I received by poll workers of questionable absentee ballots that weren't challenged; and endorsements and unlimited funds from the establishment for the incumbent, I have to say, these results prove we are a force to be reckoned with and now even stronger! 


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State House District 39 — Michigan Voters Guide

Want to see the difference between Deb and the incumbent? Check out Deb's answers to the Free Press Candidate Questionnaire by clicking here and then click on Deb O'Hagan and then Klint Kesto. This will bring up a chart.

You can also click here to see the results in a PDF.

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Common Core

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O'Hagan Campaign Will Continue to Focus On Issues

Yes, the Deb O'Hagan campaign for MI State House district 39 will continue to run on the issues in spite of the fact that my opponent has sent mailers calling me a liar and deceitful. Ironic that one of the mailers is using a picture of me from the debate he blew off and then, according to the democrat site, he had three different excuses of why he wasn't there. 

This is called 'projecting', accusing someone of doing what you yourself are actually doing. The left are masters of this tactic, I never expected it from my own party, but it is a swamp we are trying to clean out, isn't it. 

Meanwhile, about that Obamacare Federal/State Partnership Health Exchange  2013 House Bill 4111: Fund state role in federal "Obamacare partnership exchange"   

And let's not forget the Obamacare OPTIONAL (per Supreme Court of the United States) Medicaid Expansion 2013 House Bill 4714: Accept federal health care law Medicaid expansion

Make no mistake, Healthy MI IS Obamacare - as the saying goes, "if you put lipstick on a pig, it's still a pig".

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The Truth About Institutional Endorsements

We can only change the political swamp if we know what is in it.

Let’s start with political endorsements, shall we.

I use to think every candidate was vetted by an organization, their background and philosophy weighed, and ultimately a choice made to endorse or stay neutral.


Incumbents are often given preference unless they have voted egregiously against the organization’s agenda or if the organization feels the challenger has more influence to bring money to their table.

For example:

Right to Life and NRA told us it is either in their by-laws or an unspoken rule to endorse the incumbent. No chance to even speak with them for consideration.

Chamber of Commerce has each of their lobbyists choose a couple of votes, out of the multitudes taken, that they wish to rank the incumbent on.

SO FOR THE RECORD - I am pro-life, an NRA member, a fiscal hawk, a former business owner, and a ‘mean parent’  until they grew up ;-)

AND WHAT ABOUT Endorsement Transparency?

Don’t you think if a newspaper endorsed a newcomer over a candidate with a solid track record they would at least mention that the owner’s bankruptcy attorney was the father of  the endorsed?


Be mindful that not all endorsements are created equal. Yes I know life isn’t fair but we can sure try to level the playing field when everyone knows how the game is played.

I ask for your endorsement with a VOTE August 5th

THANK YOU, Deb O’Hagan


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Deb O’Hagan on the Frank Beckmann Show

On Monday, July 28th, Deb O’Hagan spoke with Frank Beckmann on his morning show on News/Talk 760 WJR. Mr. Beckmann and Deb discussed her “Kitchen Table” philosophy and the campaign to win the State Representative seat in the 39th District. Click here to listen (12:30, Mr. Beckmann begins speaking to Deb around the 3:45 mark. Audio MP3).

Audio clip courtesy of the Frank Beckmann Show and News/Talk 760 WJR.

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Food, Fun and Music at the Patriot's Picnic

Despite the severe weather we experienced on late Sunday afternoon, over 100 people showed up for the Patriot Picnic! They were greeted by the harmonizing tunes of the Optomistics and the patriotic songs of Jamie Omera Tuck. Candidates Deb O'Hagan and Matt Maddock gave an update of their campaigns. There was plenty to eat with BBQ, cole slaw, bread sticks and lots of homemade brownies.  

We were truly inspired by the support shown by those who braved the storms to join us!


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You've Seen Deb Fight for Smaller Government

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Dinner Time at Deb O'Hagan's Kitchen Table

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Klint Kesto voted for Medicaid Expansion

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